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Pro Women Doesn't Mean Anti Men

Pro women doesn’t mean anti men

Equality V Equity

The recent government ruling against trialing menopause leave – citing that it may ‘discriminate against men’ has prompted me to share the below image

Over the years I have had many conversations on why supporting women & underrepresented groups doesn’t equate to positive discrimination

Sometimes people just get it 🙌🏽

Other times it’s more of a challenge ⁉️

The below image has always been powerful in demonstrating that supporting one person – doesn’t necessarily mean you are taking away from another

Because in some instances we need different support systems to create equity

Which is different to equality and treating everyone the same


I know some people find this image oversimplifies DEI

But sometimes simple is what we need

* Women go through menopause

* Men don’t

* Women need support with menopause

* Men don’t

So supporting women with menopause isn’t taking away from men


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