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Why Wallflower Academy?

'I often felt like a wallflower in my career, not quite fitting in, being a completely different person at home with my friends & family.

The constant trying to be someone else, mirroring someone else's behaviours & values - seeing it as a role model of success; was mentally draining'.

Shivani Uberoi - Founder The Wallflower Academy 

People perform their best when they have a sense of belonging and are able to bring their best self to work.  This requires:

  • a culture where they can all thrive and reach their potential and

  • a focus on development and well-being as a key part of their daily lives 


Our purpose at Wallflower is to create workplaces where everyone can be themselves and thrive in their career - and for this to really work you need an inclusion strategy with wellbeing at it's core. 

Workplaces evolve on the foundation of human behaviours & values

If you are not actively including you are probably accidently excluding

Inclusion is a journey; whilst you are driving through policy & culture change your employees are being impacted by the current DNA of the organisation.   This will be affecting their mental health and wellbeing - as well as their ability to reach their potential.

We take a different approach to training using interactive workshops, grounded in neuroscience to make it stick. 

How we can support you on your journey:

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Leadership & manager coaching

Did you know that 95% of our thoughts & behaviours are dictated by our subconscious mind?

Biases, stereotypes & beliefs, which stem from childhood, impact how we view the world and we often don't know we are doing it!

To untangle these biases requires conscious and consistent effort, therefore we take a COACHING approach to educate your leaders on the impacts of bias and how it manifests in the workplace; along with practical strategies on how to be more inclusive. 

Development themes include:

  • Self doubt, courage, comfort zones & resilience

  • Personal brand & leading authentically

Wellbeing focus areas include:

  • Stress and anxiety management

  • Building a positive mindset & mindfulness

We explore a range of wellbeing practices ranging from gut health to neuroplasticity

From 1 hour espresso sessions to 5 day programmes, we can tailor and deliver the workshops in flexible ways.

Employee development workshops & coaching

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Parental coaching & workshops: Becoming a parent is a key life transition that can test wellbeing and create challenges to retention & progression; therefore we have a specialist parental programme which coaches on identity shifts, boundary setting, anxiety management and return to work transitions

A tailored approach based on your demographic, culture and needs.

There is no one size fit's all programme, and we can run focus groups to gather insights on target areas or facilitate surveys and interviews.

Our approach

Our objective is not to make people feel flawed.  We don't fix employees or biases; we Empower, Develop and Inspire people to drive positive lasting change through collaboration, education and coaching.

If this sounds like the approach that makes sense for your business, get in touch. 

We are a socal enterprise investing the majority of our profits into the public sector by delivering workshop & coaching via charities in the female empowerment and mental health space.


Joeli Brearley
Founder and CEO of Pregnant Then Screwed

"Shivani delivered a brilliant workshop at our RESET festival. The content was very engaging and Shivani's extensive knowledge in the field of wellbeing and the challenges mothers face shone through. Her session provided lots of practical tips that were really easy for mothers to take away and put into action."


Anna Cook
Managing director Sky
Director of Women In Leadership

"Shivani is brilliant at inspiring others to drive change, and her passion is infectious. She made real change to Sky when heading up the gender equality programme"

Publicis Media.jpg

Caroline Moffat
Innovation Director
NextTECHnow | Publicis Media

"The coaching sessions I had with Shivani were extremely valuable and she shared lots of practical techniques that I could use which were both relevant and realistic to my situation  "

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