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Meet our founder Shivani Uberoi

Shivani is the founder of The Wallflower Academy having spent the last 10 years delivering Equality, Diversity & Inclusion programmes in the corporate space - in parallel to building an accomplished finance career.

She began her career 20 years ago with PwC, training as a chartered accountant, then joining the finance team at Sky UK.

In 2012 she pioneered the companies first ever business case for diversity - which led to the CFO endorsing an award winning diversity programme -  and the seed of change was planted. 

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She was selected to be Sky's first ever Head of Women in Leadership, leading the companies charge to improve their gender parity, across it's 26,000 UK workforce.

She was honoured to receive the Top employer for women award' by WISE presented by HRH, Princess Royal, on behalf of Sky during her tenure, along with many other accolades - including Sky reaching no.1 on The Inclusive Top 50 UK employers list in 2019. 

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She is proud of being the founder of two of the companies employee networks - Women@Sky and Multiculture@sky, which connects and empowers employees from across the company


Her own journey of building a successful career whilst navigating the challenges of being a south asian woman, and then a working mother, opened her eyes to the mental wellbeing impact a lack of inclusion can have.

Shivani set up The Wallflower Academy in 2022 to drive inclusion and wellbeing across organisations. 

She is a certified life & wellbeing coach, trained by Dr Claire Maguire PHD, who is the UK's leading wellbeing coach.  Her work is all evidence based and grounded in neuroscience. 


Her clients have included Sky, NBC Universal, Comcast and Ocean Infinity -specialising in industries which are male dominated by trade.  She coaches marginalised employees on building their careers - despite bias - and coaches leaders and managers on creating environments where everyone can thrive. 

Shivani is a mother of two and understands first hand the challenges that comes with being a working parent. She hopes her daughters grow up in a world more inclusive than what she did, and are able to reach their potential without harming their wellbeing.

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