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Is self promotion important for career progression?

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

This is a topic that comes up time and again with my coaching clients; self promotion being something that many people struggle with and it holds back their career- unless they can find an authentic way to achieve it (which is where I come in!).

In parallel I also work with companies on driving inclusion and workplaces where everyone can be themselves and still reach their potential.

So should self promotion sit with the employee as a 'development skill' or with the employer as an area which needs 'fixing' within recognition and promotion criteria?

I have created this short video with a case study to highlight how a real life example could play out.

How an employer could level the playing field

- Create networking opportunities during work time

- Review the success criteria and promotion processes eg could it have just been based on the target and they both went through?

- Design structured schemes to enable exposure to senior leaders

#diversity&inclusion #careerdevelopment

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