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Inclusion in Finance programme

We Empower, Develop and Inspire the future leaders of finance


With nearly 20 year’s experience within the finance sector we understand the culture & opportunities for inclusion

Women in Finance in numbers

  • Only 15 of FTSE 100 CFO positions are held by women

  • Across FTSE 250 this increases to just 30 (12%)

  • Within audit & accountancy firms the % of women decreases with the seniority of role

  • Women in manager roles range from 42% -58% yet only 9%-21% reach partnership level

​Source: The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) Key trends 2020

% of women in finance in UK accounting & professional services, by level

Do you want to unlock the potential of your female talent

Our range of training and workshops provide the expert information and tools needed to:


  • Develop a culture of inclusive leadership


  • Support mothers transitioning in and out of the workforce whilst starting a family


  • Enable women to reach their potential overcoming any self-limiting beliefs, or beliefs that manifest because of a lack of role models; building their resilience & purpose at work


  • Create an environment of openness and awareness where conversations around inclusion are encouraged


  • Optimise individual wellbeing with training & coaching aimed at intervening before they reach a state of burnout or exhaustion


  • Make everyone feel empowered to be part of the solution whether it be as a change maker, mentor or ally, or in enhancing their own wellbeing & career

Our approach



The programme

Along with the 'Women in Finance' in programme, we offer 'Inclusion in Finance' and 'Wellbeing in Finance'.


We will tailor our services to your needs and can run 'mini espresso' sessions to fit into busy work days or more focussed full day workshops. 

Manager & Consulting

With vast experience with finance stakeholders our unique training has been designed with finance professionals in mind; covering topics such as bias, allyship & effective sponsorship.

We can also work with you on your Equality, Diversity & Inclusion strategy. 

Employee workshops

Created to balance ambition with wellbeing and ensure everyone can reach their potential our workshop themes range from courage & personal branding to stress management & mindfulness.

All our sessions are grounded in neuroscience.


 121 tailored support is  valuable during everyone's career, whether it be at a key life transitions of parenthood or a new role/promotion - we can provide career support on an individual basis

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