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Group coaching support

You can be a parent and still be ambitious

You can love your kids and want, need, time out

You can have mum guilt because you choose to go to work but you miss them

You have have mum guilt because you choose to go to work and you don't miss them

You can be a mum and still be a wife, friend, colleague, manager, director, CEO!

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The mental load is REAL and becoming a parent can
create havoc on wellbeing as 'me time' becomes a thing of the

This is why we are excited to launch our FREE group
coaching sessions for mums returning from maternity leave - facilitated by our founder 
Shivani Uberoi. 
Shivani is a Certified coach, mum of 2, and has 20 years 
experience of working in leadership roles in corporate (PwC, Tesco, Sky).

She now works with corporates to drive inclusion and is 
on a mission to support as many women as she can in building
their career without burning out!

Managing the mental load

Structure: 1 hour live sessions, remotely delivered

Purpose: To provide a sense of community and career & wellbeing support to optimise your blend of work and life

Cost:  FREE - this is part of The Wallflower Academy's social impact work

Number: Max 10-12 people to optimise effectiveness


Who is this for: Working mums who are feeling overwhelmed about returning to work. 


When: Monthly starting February 2023; places will be limited

Focus areas:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Returning to work with impact

  • Identity shifts and blending work and home life

Attendees will also be invited to FREE quarterly mentoring
events and networking events

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