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Parental coaching

Mother and Baby

Why coaching?

Coaching is a brilliant tool to drive personal growth, utilising the power of accountability in an empowering achievable way.


A 2018 study by HR group DPG found that 9/10 mothers faced problems returning to work after maternity leave; common challenges included:

  • Feeling daunted/overwhelmed

  • Unable to balance work and home life

  • Loss of confidence in work capabilities

  • Navigating new identity and life shifts

  • Mental load of ‘always being switched on’ at work and at home


This leads to:

  • Women leaving the workplace/current role

  • Not putting themselves forward for senior roles

  • Reaching burnout and overwhelm

Mother and Baby on Floor

Coaching can navigate the challenges head on

​Themes can include:

  • The practicalities of returning to work including setting and communicating new boundaries

  • Developing self-belief and confidence, and harnessing strengths

  • Managing feelings of anxiety and guilt post maternity leave

  • Balancing different identities and roles at work and at home.

  • Maximising effectiveness and performance once back at work

  • Rebuilding & reconnecting in the workplace

  • Optimising wellbeing by reducing stress & preventing burn out


Kissng the Newborn

Our programmes

Can be created bespoke for your organisation.


Recommended maternity programme:

  • 1x Coaching session pre maternity leave

  • 1x Coaching session 1-2 months pre return

  • 2x Coaching sessions post return


+ Group coaching session


We also offer
manager workshops & coaching for men embarking on parental leave


Joeli Brearley
Founder and CEO of Pregnant Then Screwed

"Shivani delivered a brilliant workshop at our RESET festival. The content was very engaging and Shivani's extensive knowledge in the field of wellbeing and the challenges mothers face shone through. Her session provided lots of practical tips that were really easy for mothers to take away and put into action."


Anna Cook
Managing director Sky
Director of Women In Leadership

"Shivani is brilliant at inspiring others to drive change, and her passion is infectious. She made real change to Sky when heading up the gender equality programme"

Publicis Media.jpg

Caroline Moffat
Innovation Director
NextTECHnow | Publicis Media

"The coaching sessions I had with Shivani were extremely valuable and she shared lots of practical techniques that I could use which were both relevant and realistic to my situation  "

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